Fact Book on Aging in British Columbia and Canada (6th Edition)


Andrew V. Wister, Ph.D.; Andrew Sixsmith, Ph.D.; Raymond G. Adams, M.L.I.S.; Laura Kadowaki , B.A.

This is a recommended reading for students of GERO 300 section D100 and GERO 302.  Please check with your instructor before ordering this book.


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The present edition of the Fact Book on Aging in British Columbia and Canada is the sixth since the Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) at Simon Fraser University compiled the first Fact Book in 1986. The many requests that the GRC receives each year for information about the Province’s and Canada’s older population provides the impetus for its continued production. These requests come from: students, faculty, government agencies, community groups and organizations, the media, business and industry, senior citizens and their organizations and the general public. They
cover a broad variety of topics, including questions about geographic distribution, life expectancy, housing, living arrangements and health service utilization.

From the Foreword by Dr. Andrew Wister

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